One Piece Summarizing a Year of Wonderful Stories of MCW Global’s Positive Influence

With great pleasure, we began every month of this year with a piece highlighting the positive results of MCW Global’s work by focusing on a particular theme.

As we already left 2021, in this piece, we wrap up our stories initially published on MCW Global’s Medium account. For all of you who have been following us, you already know that these stories vary from how MCW Global helps young people personally and professionally to changing entire communities to how MCW Global fulfills its vision for communities around the world to achieve greater levels of education, improved health, and increased economic security.

For those of you who could not follow our work, but are closely affiliated with MCW Global’s mission and work, this is a great opportunity to stay informed and learn about all the positive impacts of MCW Global.

Read on to understand how incredible this year was for MCW Global and the people benefiting from it, regardless of the obstacles.

Beginning the Year on the Right Path

We started the year by speaking to Khalid Elachi, Executive Director of MCW Global, about his path from volunteering to having an executive role in the organization today and how it has doubtlessly been impacted by the power of mentorship.

Khalid’s long journey of almost two decades cannot be easily described but the Two Stories, One Lesson: MCW Global Builds Meaningful Mentorship Connections piece summarizes it pretty well and it takes only six minutes from your time!

In March and April, we highlighted the immense contribution of MCW Global on oral health care with their affiliate in Tanzania — MC-Tanzania, and how MCW Global’s Network Does Not Grow Old, It Only Grows Stronger.

In the first piece, Dr. Marion Bergman, Volunteer Director, Oral Health Care Projects, and Regina Leichner, Director, Africa Programs, describe how MCW Global manages to first correctly understand communities’ needs, and then fulfill them. Whereas, the second piece amazingly combines the experiences of two people benefiting in different ways from the Young Leaders Fellowship (formerly Young Leaders Access Program).

MCW Global More than an Organization

Summer was characterized by a wonderful piece proving that Supporting MCW Global is More Than Supporting a Single Organization; It Means Empowering Communities. Here, together with Leon Gojani, Young Leaders Program Director, we elaborated the three lessons of his path with MCW Global, starting back in 2015.

One of Leon’s lessons was the redefinition of leadership, and in the very next piece, we saw that he is not the only one who sustained his meaning of what leadership means thanks to the MCW Global. The piece Leadership as an Action Rather than a Position: How MCW Global Cultivates the Meaning of Leadership for its Alumni shed light on how and why MCW Global recognizes, cultivates, and supports leadership as an action, rather than a position or status.

Highlighting the Inspiring Work of the Three MCW Global Affiliates

While appreciating the contributions of MCW Global, we always keep close to the heart the importance of its three affiliates in Africa: MC-Rwanda, MC-Tanzania, and MC-Zambia.

Therefore, we dedicated a piece to each of them.

Speaking to the representatives of these organizations was genuinely inspiring and completed the series in the best possible manner.

“90% of what we are doing is supported by MCW Global. We have big help from them, all the funding comes from MCW Global. We are and feel very supported by them,” said Robert Mukwiza Sakutaha, MC-Zambia’s Program Officer, reminding us that all their projects are shaped, developed, and executed by their local partners.

Please click HERE to read the full piece.

Also, find HERE the piece about the MC-Rwanda, and conclude this series by reading HERE the article with MC-Tanzania.

The Worth of the MCW Global Alumni Ventures Fund

A crucial way how MCW Global supports its alumni and helps them realize their potential as young leaders is through the Alumni Ventures Fund (AVF).

The AVF value cannot be understood without seeing how closely it impacts the lives of its beneficiaries and their communities at large. For this, we spoke to Daniel Kwaku Owusu from Ghana, one of the AVF’s 21 recipients, who is currently implementing the Household Aquaponics project.

“Foremost, I am highly grateful to MCW Global for the opportunity to have a professional project mentor on the aquaponics initiative,” he says. Please click HERE to read the entire piece.

Besides Daniel, another outstanding AVF beneficiary — Lourence Balatbat in this piece gives his impressions on how MCW Global support helped him implement his Beyond Three Billion (B3B) project and its role in empowering the youth of his society.

Acknowledging that this past year was difficult for many of us, MCW Global understood even better the power it has to bring positive changes in communities all around the globe. This journey would have been more challenging without the support of our partners, friends, alumni, and donors.

By: Gresë Sermaxhaj

Thank you for helping us grow. Wishing you a prosperous 2022 from all of us at MCW Global!




MCW Global’s mission is to address communities' needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow.

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MCW Global

MCW Global

MCW Global’s mission is to address communities' needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow.

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