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5 min readJun 14, 2021

Picking a reason or two to support MCW Global is arguably one of the most challenging things to do.

If you are interested in knowing why people and organizations should support MCW Global’s mission, you can quickly jump to its webpage to see some of our impact numbers.

Each of the numbers illustrates a reason why one should support MCW Global’s endeavors toward addressing communities’ needs by empowering current leaders and preparing the leaders of tomorrow.

Together with Leon Gojani, Young Leaders Program Director, and Anmol Zehra, Young Leaders Access Program (YLA) Alumni and recipient of MCW’s Alumni Ventures Fund (AVF), we will go through the main reasons to support MCW Global and its mission.

A Never-ending Chain of Helping Hands

MCW Global increases its impact by investing in individuals who are motivated not only to give back but also to help others in similar situations.

This is how Leon initially describes MCW Global’s broad impact.

He believes MCW Global’s philosophy is very simple.

“We identify a need and a potential to which then we invest time, program, expertise, and other resources — with an expectation that this investment will be paid forward by that individual to other individuals or communities.”

For over 20 years, this formula has been doing its magic, and Leon considers himself a good example.

“I was selected as a mentee in 2015, where I gained access to all the resources and networks to come back a year later and help three other mentees get the same access. In 2017, with the support of the MCW team at the time, I helped organize the first Young Leaders Conference in Kosovo on behalf of MCW Global to help another 30 young leaders get access to the same resources and networks I did two years ago.”

Leon says there are hundreds of cases like himself, who are living proof of why people and organizations should feel encouraged to support MCW Global’s work.

The Three Lessons

Leon, whose journey with MCW Global began in 2015, when he first participated in YLA as a mentee, shares his delight that his journey is still going.

“[…] Now I lead the entire program — which I believe is a great testament of the impact that the program had and continues to have in my personal and professional development,” Leon says, recalling that he has come back to the program as a mentor, lead mentor, speaker, and facilitator.

He summarizes this impact in three categories:

  • Awareness-raising: Thanks to MCW Global, he is now more aware of the issues and communities around the world.
  • Redefining Leadership: The program has helped him internalize this great idea of leadership being an action, not a position — which he believes is very important.
  • Less Judging: Leon does not simply work in this program: he has experienced its global reach firsthand. Thanks to meeting people and interacting with cultures, he is both less judgmental and more understanding of commonalities and differences.

Illustrating the great testament of how MCW Global’s programs equip young people with the skills and attitudes needed in the world market, he highlights that over 60% of MCW Global’s team is now comprised of program alumni, including the Executive Director of the organization.

MCW Global’s Support Improving a Whole Community

For Anmol, on the other hand, MCW Global’s support translated into the entire organization impacting thousands of lives for two years.

Anmol participated first as a mentee at the 2018 YLA and then returned as a mentor in 2020.

Through the Alumni Ventures Fund, MCW Global supported Anmol’s initiative “Health Matters,” with a mission of a community of healthy individuals with access to health facilities and compassionate healthcare systems in Pakistan.

“The support of grants and mentors provided by MCW Global proved to be of great help to me to keep my focus directed towards building a compassionate healthcare system in Pakistan.”

“MCW Global’s impact is not just limited to one community, village or country, but it affects and makes lives better in so many diverse communities, villages, and countries,” Anmol believes.

In her words, very few organizations can create positive cascades and ripple effects for both the alumni and communities they engage with.

“MCW Global is one of those. Its way of promoting diversity, social dialogue, and change in a professional yet youthful manner is just one element that provides trust for donors to support and donate to this organization, “she says.

[Please click HERE to see how MCW Global is improving oral health in Tanzania]

“Organizations and people who are influential, and can offer financial support should consider MCW Global as one of the trusted visionary organizations making this world a better place for numerous people directly and indirectly, ” Anmol furthers.

MCW Global’s Support Empowering Community Leaders

Both Leon and Anmol agree that supporting MCW Global means supporting communities around the world, not just a single organization.

Leon asserts that MCW Global’s work is empowering young leaders and communities worldwide to have the knowledge, means, and resources to help better their communities.

“The way MCW Global works to improve communities worldwide is unique because we first identify individuals with potential and then support their professional and personal growth. In this way, we are indirectly reaching out to many more people through the empowerment of community leaders.”

His words can confidently be supported by Anmol, who shares the belief that MCW Global’s supporters are indeed impacting thousands of lives in the most marginalized areas, where even the respective government may not provide enough facilities or resources.

Anmol concludes that this support is changing the lives of the communities deprived of basic needs, education, and healthcare.

Leon and Anmol stand as a shining example of how MCW Global supports young leaders, while still seeing leadership as an action, not a position.

To read more about how MCW Global defines leadership as an act, not a position, stay tuned for our next piece, which will be published on 1 July.

Until then, you can DONATE HERE so MCW Global can continue to make a positive difference.

By: Gresë Sermaxhaj

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