Leadership as an Action Rather than a Position: How MCW Global Cultivates the Meaning of Leadership for its Alumni

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From our previous pieces, you are already familiar with the fact that MCW Global (Miracle Corners of the World) prepares young leaders to transform their passions into actions.

To accomplish this, MCW Global recognizes, cultivates, and supports leadership as an action, rather than a position or status.

Through the Young Leaders Access Program (YLA), MCW Global enhances the participants’ knowledge of adaptability as a leader and also introduces them to the dynamism of leadership while highlighting some common underlying qualities.

If you are wondering how these leadership techniques are achieved, keep reading to hear more from two passionate YLA 2020 Alumni- Dylan Bokler and Xana Maunze.

Thankful that their experiences with MCW Global helped them better redefine leadership, Dylan and Xana took some time to tell us how participating in the YLA not only led them to develop personal and professional growth but also showed them the potential to shape a brighter tomorrow.

In this piece, we also bring to you MCW Global’s power to improve communities around the world- this time being in Argentina and Mozambique — strengthening our case that supporting MCW Global is more than supporting a single organization.

Let’s dig into this fantastic learning experience through the eyes of Dylan and Xana.

MCW Global Reaffirms the Original Meaning of Leadership

In the beginning of our conversation, Dylan acknowledges that thanks to the YLA, he had a unique opportunity to foster his leadership abilities and to develop a diverse set of skills.

“These [skills] were fundamental for, and throughout, the planning and coordination of my community initiative,” he says.“ I am sure that the benefits of being part of the YLA through hearing and learning the experiences of extraordinary young change-makers from all over the world will have a meaningful impact in every project and idea I will embark on in the future,” Dylan adds.

The YLA not only gave him new knowledge but also served as a safe space to share his ideas and dreams in these uncertain times.

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While discussing how MCW Global cultivates the meaning of leadership, he considers the thought that we can see ourselves as leaders only when our peers see us as such.

“Sometimes when you think about leaders, the first individuals that come to mind are important figures that made an impact on the world stage. Therefore, many people think that in order to become an agent of change, the only route is to embark on big and overreaching projects.”

However, Dylan goes on to say this is simply one type of leadership. “The YLA recovers the original meaning of leadership, putting at its center the transforming impact that social initiatives have in everyday life, in your neighborhood, and home community.”

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Without any doubt, MCW Global’s fresh angle about how leadership can be understood benefited Dylan not only in redefining the concept but also in developing professionally and personally. “The renewed and transforming projects and initiatives organized by MCW Global, and the ones that they support, are an inspiration for everyone that wants to become an agent of change in their own community.”

MCW Global Alumni Better Engage with their Communities

During YLA, participants discuss the relationship between leaders and the communities they are working in.

Striving for an integrated society in his home country of Argentina, Dylan serves as a great example of how MCW Global helps its alumni reconnect with their communities from a different perspective.

“The sessions that we had as mentees in the YLA, regarding the search for local and global partners, the building of our project mission and values, and the characterization of our internal and external stakeholders were vital for me to have a better understanding of my needs for the successful implementation of my initiative.”

The lessons learned from MCW were also essential to surpass the challenges Dylan faced.

Calling this a life-changing experience, Dylan further appreciates the distinguished professionals that MCW Global invited during the YLA.

An Endless Gratitude to MCW Global

Surely, Dylan is not alone in grasping the new meaning of leadership during YLA.

Before MCW Global, whenever Xana heard the word leader, she would immediately think of someone in a vast organization managing people and making big decisions.

Today, she knows the importance of a swift response to any issue regardless of who one is associated with.

All this because of her time and experience at the YLA.

“I saw MCW Global quickly adjust our sessions when the pandemic hit. As difficult as it was to digest that I would not meet my cohort in person, I still had the amazing virtual experience provided by MCW Global.”

It impressed her that the YLA did not cover only technical topics as MCW Global also incorporated mental health and wellbeing sessions.

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She learned to mold her actions according to what different situations call for without losing sight of her end goal.

“I am beyond grateful for the tools provided by MCW Global in helping me shape my community project not only through the technical expertise gained like the research and evidence-based decision-making techniques, but also on understanding the importance of collaborating locally in order to generate the greatest impact […].”

Willing to Act- The Leadership’s Heart

Amid a rapidly changing world, Xana believes it is crucial that we all take part in providing contributions into shaping a promising future.

“We can only do this if we choose to act and set an example for others, regardless of the roles we hold in an organization — that for me is the heart of leadership, our willingness to act.”

“The potential to lead is within us all,” she cheerfully adds.

Whenever talking about the benefits gained from MCW Global, Xana is nothing but grateful.

“MCW Global opened my eyes to the paramount importance of an introspective look at my behavior and my leadership style, how it can affect the people around me, and better ways of making the most of my skill set when interacting with others,” she concludes.

By: Gresë Sermaxhaj

For a decade now, this unique leadership of MCW Global has reached Rwanda.

Stay tuned for our next piece, in which we will elaborate MC-Rwanda’s work.

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