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4 min readAug 31, 2022

Promoting International Educational Opportunities for Youth with MCW Global’s Support

The first step is to believe in yourself,” and “Dear to lead your world”- these two sentences are among other encouraging ones that Isabela Gomez, the only Colombian participating back in 2018 in the MCW Global’s Young Leaders Fellowship, shares throughout this article.

For Isabela, being part of MCW Global granted her the valuable opportunity to build bridges and connections between leaders from all over the world, and not only.

She felt empowered, a kind of empowerment that every young person around the world deserves. In our previous pieces, we have witnessed how MCW Global has been working for decades to create a better environment for helping youth in achieving this.

We will continue this journey, this time by talking to Isabela, Founder & CEO of the Lidera tu Mundo (Eng.: Lead Your World) dreams of a world where access to quality education is a reality for all people, and she is giving life to her vision with every day passing.

To date, 1590 young people from all over Latin America have accessed higher education thanks to Lidera tu Mundo’s work, and the organization has a community of more than 15 thousand young people throughout the territory.

Below we will see how her initiative is bettering the community and also how the MCW Global brightness her wonderful journey of changing lives for the better.

Grateful for Various Skills Gained from MCW Global

Thanks to MCW Global, Isabela learned what diversity in an international environment really means; she believes.

“I am also grateful to MCW Global because, through this road, I learned how through differences we can achieve true international cooperation to bring about concrete changes in my community.”

“As a young activist, having joined an organization with members from all over the world, of all ages, professions, different experiences and points of view, has helped me to develop as a young lawyer aware of the international reality, with the ability to build bridges and connections between leaders from all over the world,” she goes on.

“MCW Global gave me the strength, inspiration, and tools I needed to create and now run my own social enterprise.”

She gained various skills, from how to plan the project to its execution, financing, and constant evaluation.

“I have received support not only from my fellow Young Leaders Fellowship 2018 alumni but also from the entire MCW Global community that has supported me day to day in my work, collaborations, and strategic alliances over the years.”

Leading the World of Lidera tu Mundo and its Many Beneficiaries

Founded in 2020, Lidera tu Mundo is an academic consulting agency that advises young people to achieve national and international academic opportunities and strengthen their profile as agents of social transformation.

Giving some context about the importance of her initiative, Isabela explains that access to quality education in Latin America is a privilege that few can access.

“I faithfully believe that it is through education and empowerment that regions and countries can achieve greater development, innovation, and justice; that is why since my participation in Young Leaders Fellowship 2018, I created my own academic consulting agency Lidera tu Mundo or Lead Your World in English.”

Through Lidera tu Mundo, Isabela seeks to democratize access to national and international academic opportunities for young Latin American leaders through scholarships.

“I wanted to change the world, to travel its roads and study in the best institutions, but I thought it was an impossible dream. Seven years later, I can attest that it is possible to travel and study thanks to international scholarships that respond to our excellence, proactivity, and dedication to service.”

“We seek that more young people can access a quality education guided by the process of self-knowledge, the vocation of service, and leadership. Because only by leading your own world can you take the next step to lead the world.”

Lidera tu Mundo accompanies young people in their search process, planning, and application to academic calls because they know that this is a path that requires technical knowledge and specific skills, which are made more bearable and successful with a mentor.

Believing a World Full of Opportunities

In the last six years, Isabela has attained 15 national and international scholarships in ten different countries. Through these opportunities, she developed complementary studies in the areas of international cooperation, public service, gender equity, alternative methods of conflict resolution, and social entrepreneurship, which have been studied in ten different countries.

And now, she is about to travel to India with Dalai Lama and to study for her Master's in Human Rights in England, fully funded by the government of the United Kingdom.

Life is full of opportunities, Isabela believes, and her organization is here to help you grasp them.

Conclusively, Isabela encourages all young people to dare to lead their own worlds.

“Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of each one of us as young leaders to be aware of our light, to know that we are capable, that we deserve it, and to take the first step and give ourselves the opportunity to apply.”


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