MCW Global Helping Youth to Build Supportive Communities: The Valuable Journey of Inbar

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If you go back to all the Medium pieces we published in the last two years, you will notice that despite the variety and the scope of work, all of MCW Global’s initiatives have something in common: the goal of creating and strengthening a supportive community for young leaders.

For years now, MCW Global tirelessly works to address communities’ pressing needs by empowering current leaders and preparing young leaders of tomorrow. Inbar Fruschad Weil, a Young Leaders Program alumna for over ten years, sat with us to share more about her experience with MCW Global and how it empowered her journey from the beginning as a young activist.

Inbar also shares some advice on how one can build a supportive community and why MCW Global is among the most wonderful experiences youth can have in their journey toward building supportive communities.

Three Components to Build a Supportive Community for Youth

Being engaged with MCW Global for a long time, she initially gives a thorough perspective on how MCW Global is creating a warm learning environment for young people.

“There is a magic in MCW Global that no one can explain,” she says briefly while acknowledging that all this wonderful journey requires a strong supportive community.

Below, Inbar brings to our attention some aspects in which MCW Global excels in building strong and resilient communities.

First and foremost, a safe environment — throughout the years and the many programs I have been to, there was always a sense of safe space, where everybody was welcome to be who they are, to share their opinion and ask a question without being judged.”

And I truly think that this is a key factor in building any kind of community.

“The second thing would be a sense of global joint mission — we are all here to do something good in our community, to improve life on this planet. Each in their own way, each in their own corner of the world, but all of us are doing the same thing.”

According to her, this sense creates a feeling of shared faith, togetherness, and a desire to support one another.

“And the third thing is fun. Nothing brings people together more than having a good time with each other. This is a really important factor in getting this community feeling.”

Inbar found all the joy and the feeling of belonging throughout the years of staying with MCW Global.

The Privilege Found in Being Part of the MCW Global Family

Today, witnessing that MCW Global is growing with each passing day, she further shares her advice for youth engaged with MCW Global in different capacities.

On this point, Inbar highlights what this opportunity presents for them and their future.

“MCW Global is a huge resource for so many things — professional support, a strong network, a supportive community, learning about different cultures, and the list goes on. Being part of it is such a privilege. But to get the most out of it, you must be fully in it and give from yourself.”, she believes.

“Take this opportunity in both hands and make the best out of it, support others in your community, and invest time in it.”

“The fruits will show, and they will be delicious,” she adds on a positive note.

Spread Positivity and Understanding

Fewer things are more positive than the feeling of unity. Indeed, Inbar lists togetherness as a crucial trait that young leaders should possess in today’s environment.

“The most important trait a leader should have, in my opinion, is this sense of togetherness- understanding that this world is not about competition, it’s about a shared goal, and this goal is that everybody will live a good life on this planet.”

Speaking from her decade-long experience, Inbar believes that once everyone understands we are all in this together, things will take a better turn.

“Once we understand that we are for each other, not against, the world will already be a much better place.”

Next on the list of traits, she highlights love and curiosity.

“Love for people, love for this planet, love for life itself. Coming to things from a positive place. And the curiosity to learn about people, to be open to listening, and deeply understand their needs.”

“Not to jump to conclusions, but really being open to absorbing the world.”

And then comes confidence, she reckons.

“But a real one comes from all the things I mentioned above — confidence to ditch competition and to understand that there is a place for everyone.”

Here she adds the confidence to be ourselves, the confidence to love the world and the people as they are, and the confidence to be curious and open.

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