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5 min readMar 24, 2023


For this article, we have the pleasure of talking to a young activist and leader from North Macedonia.

Marko Paloski, a Senior System Engineer, is dedicated to improving his community. When his path crossed with MCW Global’s support, his view of the world was enriched with more opportunities and networks with people from around the globe.

Initially, when he first participated in Young Leaders Fellowship in 2021, with the help and knowledge gained through MCW Global sessions, he and his team held seven workshops for around 150 people in nursing homes in North Macedonia. Learning digital literacy skills among elderlies was well received by his community, especially since it came during the COVID-19 spread, which increased technology usage in daily life.

As a mentee and mentor with MCW Global, he has gained valuable skills and experiences that have helped him grow personally and professionally.

As Marko enters the second year of mentoring others, we are excited to hear more about his journey and impact on his community.

Marko is a tech-savvy person who values the nuances that MCW Global gives to his life exploration.

How would you describe yourself?

An enthusiastic and motivated person trying to make suitable changes in the community and the world.

I don’t like to quit. I know that for a lot of things, we need time. I believe what we need to come will arrive at the right moment. Things will not come just by themselves; we must work and dedicate ourselves to them.

Let’s keep trying! I always encourage people to try something, and, in the end, you will learn from the experience.

We have little time in this world, and I want to make the most of it.

You are giving me the impression that you are hard-working and trust the process simultaneously. Would you agree and why?

Yes. Absolutely. I often talk with people if I am burned out because I jump from one thing to another.

Sometimes I have pressure to do many things, and some things have deadlines, but I don’t feel burnout because, as you mentioned, I trust the process and am all right.

It’s a process. Same as with life. You go to sleep, and the next day, you wake up and start over. Generally, I handle things healthily.

You grew up in North Macedonia, a developing country with its challenges. Tell me more about it, how it impacted your activism, and who you are today.

Initially, it was not so positive because you are growing up and still too young to think about some things. You have a lot of issues or challenges with the system and the educational system.

Then, right after I started volunteering and had other experiences, I started feeling that I had things to do. It changed my mindset because I understood that in such countries that are developing, there are a lot of opportunities too.

You can take the initiative or a step forward; you can work for things to be better in your country.

This was one of the cases when I understood that some things might not be perfect, but in them lies the opportunity to make a change for the better for us who are here and for those future generations.

How does mentoring young leaders to start their community projects with MCW Global also help you reflect on yourself?

First, communicating is vital in this journey. Even when I faced any not-so-pleasant situation, I always thought about how the other person felt.

No matter how experienced one may be, we can always learn from each other in such environments. I learned a lot of things from the MCW Global family. Even things I thought I knew when I started mentoring, I began understanding more completely after I engaged with MCW Global.

The communication part reflected substantially and the most in me.

This path taught me a lot about communicating effectively and listening actively. With MCW Global, we accommodated each mentee’s needs, a process I also benefited from.

What is the key takeaway from your engagement with MCW? Or a lesson you will hold dearly?

Firstly, the sessions were terrific because we could connect from around the world even when we spent so much time inside due to the spread of COVID-19. We joined, we learned, and we shared.

It was a fantastic experience, and I said to myself, ‘I need to go back again’”.

Something I want to share as a takeaway is MCW Global’s approach with mentees and their whole communication methods.

It was pleasant to be present in this program. I felt respected and happy to be part of these people, motivated to change for the better regardless of their differences.

The MCW Global mentorship was always with me. They were there if I wanted to ask something or struggled with something.

MCW reached me as a person. They did not only see or value my project. It personally grows you more than just focusing on the project.

You say that you immensely value MCW Global’s approach. Can you give us an example of this approach?

Mainly it is how MCW Global approached the mentees. When I was a mentee, we could learn from all their resources and ask our questions or freely address our issues. They are very well organized and systematically develop the program.

Throughout the implementation of the project, the team will reach out to you and ask how you are feeling and if you need any help. It is a more human-based and personal approach.

If you could take yourself a few years back, what advice would you give your younger self?

Do not stop learning and try the things that look scary. Try to share as much as possible with others because, ultimately, how much of your achievements you share with others matters a lot.

What would you like to share at the end of our conversation?

Keep doing the programs of MCW Global because, for many people, it changes their lives and futures, especially young people who live in developing countries.

For those young people considering joining MCW Global - I would say apply. It’s a beautiful experience and journey.

The mentorship part is missing in my country, many young people need help figuring out how to do something, and MCW Global offers a great structure and a program to help with this.


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