Celebrating the Decade-long Wonderful Journey of MC-Rwanda

  • In September 2014, MC-Rwanda was granted accreditation from the Workforce Development Agency to offer technical skills in Tailoring and ICT;
  • In February 2018 MC-Rwanda signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Council of Persons with Disabilities through the Bugesera district;
  • 90% of MC-Rwanda’s students in tailoring and ICT graduate through the training program and some get employed or get into business after getting their government certificates;
  • Since 2019, two cooperatives have been formed by MC-Rwanda Alumni-one is registered with the National Cooperatives Agency RCA. Fifteen (15) of MC-Rwanda’s alumni are part of these two cooperatives. It was formed by ICT graduates, a big number being those living with disabilities. In 2020, they received a grant worth $1,000 USD to help them purchase materials needed in their business. They have also received a kind donation of a printer and camera from a local organization;
  • In 2020, MC-Rwanda took part in the COVID-19 response program by making barrier masks and distributing them to the community members while working with the Bugesera district office. During the COVID-19 response project, 4,000 barrier masks were distributed, 2,000 posters about preventing the spread of COVID-19 were distributed in the community, 14 traditional hand washing stations were built in local markets and more than 10,000 community members across the district were reached out during education campaign by sharing information related to Covid 19 through broadcasting vehicles in 13 sectors.



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MCW Global’s mission is to address communities' needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow.